Does Harry have a claim on Prince Philip's inheritance?

Prince Philip leaves behind a fortune worth millions. In his will, he splits up among his kin. But is Prince Harry still one of the heirs?

Does Harry have a claim on Prince Philip's inheritance?
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Does Harry have a claim on Prince Philip's inheritance?

The situation with the British royals is getting worse and worse. The reason is Prince Harry, who is going rogue with a frantic barrage of accusations, and thus excoriating his family again and again.

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No reconciliation in sight

As it stands, some family members are not at all pleased with the Duke of Sussex's behaviour. His father Charles has removed him from a family portrait, palace staff are calling for his expulsion and the Queen is more than disappointed with her grandson's behaviour.

After the death of Prince Philip, many had hoped that the loss would bring the family back together, but the opposite seems to be happening more and more. Now the question is how the Duke of Edinburgh's inheritance will be divided.

Who is entitled to the inheritance?

Given the great tensions between Harry and the rest of the family, one might think that there won't be much to expect for the youngest grandson. The fact is that Queen Elizabeth, with whom Philip was married for 70 years, is the main heiress.

According to the will, she will receive most of the inheritance that the prince left behind, equivalent to 30 million pounds. Besides his four children, the Duke also mentions three members of staff in his will.

Surprising names

Thus, in the last weeks before his death, the private secretary Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell, his page William Henderson and the valet Stephen Niedojadlo took close care of him. He shows his gratitude by remembering them in his last will.

A surprise that only very few people expected. But another name has also caused a stir. Harry is also entitled to his share of the inheritance, even though he has turned his back on royal duties.

Philip doesn't hold a grudge

An insider source seems to know the reason why even the Duke of Sussex did not leave empty-handed despite his outrageous behaviour. He explains that Philip was not the kind of man who would lambast and punish his grandson because of his misconduct.

So Philip had always striven for harmonious coexistence with all, which is why he never held a grudge against Harry. It is interesting to note, however, that Philip's will was declared valid even before the Oprah interview was broadcast.

Whether the Queen's husband considered amending the will after the publication may only be conjectured. An official spokesperson for the royal palace declared that more details about the bequest would be snooping into what is an intimate matter for the family, which is why it remains private.

Prince Harry joins forces with royal family to pay homage to Prince Philip Prince Harry joins forces with royal family to pay homage to Prince Philip