Chelsy Davy: Here's what Prince Harry's first girlfriend is doing today

In 2010, the relationship between Prince Harry and his childhood sweetheart Chelsy Davy came to an end. Prince Harry has recently blamed the British press for their split. But where is Davy now?

Chelsy Davy now lives a private life, far from the public eye
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Chelsy Davy now lives a private life, far from the public eye

Prince Harry has never been allowed to be a private person. Each of his relationships has been under scrutiny, from a very early age, and he has now chosen to tell his side of the story. The pair met in 2004 and had an on-and-off relationship for about six years, before eventually splitting up in 2010. Ever since they got together, the couple had been the British tabloids' target. Now, Prince Harry is suing the Mirror Group Newspapers for allegedly tapping his phone and listening in to his phone calls.

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In the last few days, the Prince has told London High Court's details about his 6-year-long relationship with Chelsy Davy, and more importantly, why they broke up. The Duke of Sussex has blamed the British press for Chelsy Davy's decision to put an end to their relationship, saying the Royal life was not for her. According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry said he could never have a normal relationship, as each one of his previous girlfriends felt the unbearable pressure of constantly being under scrutiny, and sometimes being followed.

Prince Harry shares his side of the story

Prince Harry used his court statement to tell his side of the story regarding his break-up with Chelsy Davy. He told the court that media pressure at the time was the final straw that put an end to the couple. The Daily Mail reports that Prince Harry claims the media bugged his phone to gather personal information about his relationship with Chelsy Davy.

We started to distrust everyone around us. We had a feeling of being under surveillance all the time.

Also, the Duke of Sussex said it was harder for Ms Davy than for other girls because she lived in England at the time, where she attended boarding school as a teenager, which is when she met Harry.

Chelsy found this even more difficult to deal with when she lived in England.

In his best-selling memoir, Spare, Prince Harry already addressed the reason for his split from Ms Davy.

I completely understood her desire for freedom. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t want this life either. I would miss her very much, but I understood she put her freedom first.

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What is Chelsy Davy doing today?

It has been more than ten years since the young couple broke up. Today, Chelsy Davy lives a very private life, far from the public eye. In 2016, she founded her very own jewelry brand, Aya, based in London. She owns the company, and also works as a jewel designer. Ms Davy is a notable gemstone expert, especially since she trained as a gemologist during her studies. Aya only uses ethically mined gemstones, and produces high-end expensive jewels. The brand has become a favourite of model Bella Hadid, but also of Scottish singer Ellie Goulding, among others.

Making jewelry is not the only thing on Chelsy Davy's to-do list. She has long expressed her desire to start a travel agency in Africa, where she was born and raised, and that dream came true in 2020, with her company called Aya Africa Travel. Part of her companies' revenue is redistributed to support local charities in Africa, such as school-building in communities close to gemstone mines.

In 2020, she gave an exclusive interview to Tatler, during which she explained how happy she is, now that she can live her dream fully.

I’m very happy with where I am right now. I’m happy with everything. I’m doing something in Africa that I’m passionate about and I’m excited for what my vision is and what that will create. Everything is falling into place.

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Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy: This is the real reason why the couple split after 6 years Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy: This is the real reason why the couple split after 6 years