Love Island: Coco Lodge reveals what islanders eat in the villa

Former Love Island star Coco Lodge reveals what the Islanders get to eat in the villa and what’s never aired in any of the episodes.

Coco Lodge recently got evicted out of the show and now that the Casa Amor bombshell is out, she has spilled beans about what goes on in the villa food-wise. The contestants on the ITV dating reality show never really have meals on screen even though they are found in the kitchen area a lot of times.

Snacks all the times

Apparently, the contestants are not the only snacks in the villa, confirms The Sun. The Love Island beauty revealed that although the eating moments aren't shown on screen, the gang frequently indulges in late-night snacks. Coco explained:

We eat catering off camera separated to save the chat, but we love to snack. 3am toasties every night.

The Islanders snack on the same food every night and that is never shown on camera.

Chef cooked

Other than the snacks, there’s a chef that caters for every contestant as well as the production crew meals. Head Chef - Ferenc caters – confirmed that he cooks for everyone from a tent kitchen that is located in the wider villa compound. He added:

We do lunch and dinner for them, every single day. They always eat the food, but they really like the burger and the ribs as well.
We always get feedback from the contestants and production, every single day.

Islanders also have a meat-free day once a week. Every Monday, the food options are vegetarian and vegan food and contestants have been loving it this season. Caters added:

Monday we just do vegetarian and vegan food, so lots of options. Every week, every single week.
It's just one day, one day without meat. It's a message for the people - you don't need to eat meat every single day.

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Love Island: This is what Coco Lodge is doing after leaving the villa Love Island: This is what Coco Lodge is doing after leaving the villa