Wayne Rooney clears up rumours about move to boxing, reveals his priority is football management

Wayne Rooney has finally addressed speculation that he is making a comeback but in boxing. Here's what the ex-footballer had to say.

Wayne Ronney boxing wife Coleen
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Wayne Ronney boxing wife Coleen

Wayne Rooney, former Manchester United and England National Team forward ended his playing career in 2021 and switched on to football management. He became Darby County’s manager straight after retirement. He then joined Birmingham City this year and was let go after only 83 days in charge.

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Now that Rooney finds himself without a day job interesting offers have begun to reach the football legend. Notably, one offer suggests an interesting career change and the opportunity to rekindle an old passion. Rooney had talks with Misfits Boxing for a potential foray into the boxing ring.

However, this potential redirection is worrying his wife Coleen Rooney who believes it is a dangerous endeavour.

Rooney is a lifelong boxing fan

When a young Rooney was contemplating what to do with his life, there were only two possibilities; football and boxing. He eventually went with football and cemented himself as one of the best English players, alongside greats like David Beckham. But he kept involved with boxing as he was also a member of an amateur boxing club. He has also supported boxers Ricky Hatton, Amir Khan and the Smith brothers.

Misfits Boxing is a celebrity boxing promotion, it was behind the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match among various other celebrity events. They wanted to feature Rooney in their crossover boxing series. And while it is certain that this career move would have been lucrative, it appears that it would have had various other drawbacks for the 38-year-old.

His wife Coleen reportedly isn’t too fond of her husband’s plan going as far as calling it ‘dangerous’.

Wayne Rooney’s wife is worried about his potential boxing move

Wayne and Coleen have been married since 2008, they share four children. Ok! Magazine quotes a undisclosed source who spoke about Coleen’s position on the news of the talks between her Misfits and her husband.

A potential move into boxing is a worry for Coleen, she knows it can be a very dangerous sport and they have young children to think about. She wishes it was something else, but he’s always loved boxing.
Coleen knows that unless Wayne’s doing sport, he’s not a happy bunny, and without him being happy, it’s not a happy home. She’s backing him all the way but, yes, she’s concerned. He’s also not as young as he used to be.
Coleen will let Wayne do what he needs to do, as she always has with the football – like moving home at the drop of a hat

Coleen has not issued a statement herself, but the source mentions that the football legend does indeed have his wife’s unrelenting support.

That being said, her concerns remain quite reasonable and they seem to have gotten through to her husband. When he appeared on The Overlap podcast and was questioned about his potential boxing move, Rooney took the opportunity to set the record straight:

They've been in touch and asked the question but I think at the minute I want to focus on getting back into management, not boxing.
There's been a few [offers] and obviously Misfits have been in and that's been all over the news. But listen I want to focus on getting back into management, that's my focus.

Wayne Rooney appears to have listened to the wise advice os his wife and took a step back from walking into the treacherous grounds of the ring at the age of 38.

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