Football legend Micheal Owen makes unexpected confession: 'I've never...'

Many fans have cast doubts over the legitimacy of his British origin after Michael Owen's confession about food choice came to light.

Michael Owen unexpected confession
© James Gill - Danehouse
Michael Owen unexpected confession

Michael Owen, a name synonymous with English football excellence, left an indelible mark on the sport during his illustrious career. While Owen's on-field accomplishments are well-documented, his off-field lifestyle has recently come under scrutiny. A revelation by former teammate Peter Crouch on That Peter Crouch Podcast peeled back the layers of Owen's preferences, showcasing a side less known to the public.

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Tea and coffee abstinence

In a surprising revelation, it was disclosed that Owen, despite being a part of the British culture, has 'never had a tea or coffee' in his entire life. Crouch highlighted this unique aspect of Owen's lifestyle, revealing that the football legend 'doesn't like' hot drinks. Owen himself confirmed this in a 2018 interview, stating, 'I've never drunk a cup of tea in my life, or coffee for that matter. But I've just learned how to make one.'

This unique choice contrasts sharply with the more conventional preferences of other Brits, such as Queen Elizabeth II, who was renowned for her love of Earl Grey tea, a ritual she indulged in every afternoon.

Michael Owen unexpected confession James Gill - Danehouse

Owen's distinctive lifestyle choices don't stop at beverages. According to Crouch, the former striker has only watched three films in his life. This revelation aligns with Owen's past statements expressing a general dislike for movies, stating in a 2018 interview that he 'hated' watching films, even though he later revised the number he'd seen to 'about ten.'

Beyond his football accolades and lifestyle quirks, Michael Owen's personal life is equally intriguing. During his time in Spain with Real Madrid, he revealed an unexpected pastime – driving to the airport to buy English newspapers. His autobiography shed light on a distant relationship with teammate David Beckham, revealing limited social interactions between the two families.

The eccentricities extend to Owen's family life as well. Despite his public persona, Owen initially expressed reservations about his daughter Gemma's participation in Love Island. However, his eventual support for her decision reflects a deeper understanding of her independent spirit.

A look back at his legendary career

Born on December 14, 1979, in Chester, England, Owen emerged as a prolific striker, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess on both national and international stages. His football journey began at Liverpool, where he rose through the ranks to become a club legend. Owen's career trajectory took him to iconic clubs such as Real Madrid and Manchester United, contributing to his legacy as one of England's finest strikers.

Michael Owen unexpected confession LFC

At the peak of his career, Owen donned the England jersey with pride, amassing an impressive 40 goals for the national team. His time at Liverpool saw him score crucial goals, earning him the prestigious Ballon d'Or in 2001.

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