Coronation Street: Violet Wilson is officially making a comeback

Coronation Street is set to explore a dark storyline surrounding bullying and Violet Wilson is back for emotional support.

Coronation street Violet Wilson Liam Connor
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Coronation street Violet Wilson Liam Connor

It has been confirmed that Violet Wilson will make a comeback after a 13-year absence to the popular soap Coronation Street. In 2011, the character portrayed by Jenny Platt made a brief appearance when Sean went to visit his son in London. She hasn’t made a single appearance since the episode despite the writers trying to bring her back a few times but it seems that the current storyline requires the presence of both of Dylan’s parents due to the delicate nature of the topic: Bullying. As such, the topic will set up an emotionally charged and empowering comeback for actress Jenny Platt.

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What is currently happening on Coronation Street?

Violet’s return to the story comes as her son Dylan’s involvement in Liam’s bullying becomes exposed. As such, Dylan’s mom should be present and supportive as he faces the consequences of his actions. Dylan has bullied Liam so much that the latter reached a breaking point and began to look for ways to end his life. He told Maria Connor that he no longer wanted to go to school which prompted her to meet with Mrs Crawshaw who informed her that her hands were tied if no proof of the bullying allegations was present.

Maria gets the idea of signing up for social media platform SendPx and follows Liam. When she scrolls through the comments, she is utterly shocked by what she sees.

How long will Violet be back?

The character’s comeback is not permanent but it will cover the entirety of the story arc. Antony Cotton, who plays Sean, expressed his excitement to have actress Jenny Platt back:

I’m very excited to see my mate Jenny and also to see Violet. I’ve kept in touch with her throughout and I just hope that she’s not nervous because she doesn’t need to be nervous
But I imagine she will be because it’s a completely different set up from where she was before. It’s more episodes. We shot a lot less content then. When she was there, the internet barely existed! Isn’t that mad?
As far as Jen coming back, she’s coming back for about a dozen episodes and then who knows, because this storyline is going to go on

While the future remains uncertain it seems as though the possibility of a Violet having a larger part to play in newer storylines is not entirely ruled out but as of now only a dozen episodes are confirmed. Antony continued:

I hope that as long as it goes well and she enjoys it, I’m hoping that we might see her again, because if there’s more of this stuff and it gets more serious, one would imagine that we would perhaps see Violet again.

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