Alex Scott: The footballer opens up about her journey 'I got consumed by the hatred

Alex Scott's journey, from the fenced concrete pitches of East London to the pinnacle of international football and broadcasting, is a tale of triumph against adversity.

Alex Scott Englan Canada Bet365 Stadium
© Alex Burstow/Getty Images
Alex Scott Englan Canada Bet365 Stadium

Scott's early years were marked by domestic turmoil and emotional challenges. The sound of her father's rage was a constant backdrop in her childhood home, but it was in the football cage near her council block where she found her escape and passion. Discovered at just eight years old by an Arsenal talent scout, she clung to the sport as a lifeline.

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Fast-forward 30 years, and Scott's achievements are nothing short of a fairytale. She captained Arsenal's women's team, represented England with over 140 caps, transitioned seamlessly into a successful broadcasting career, and lives in a home worth £1.5 million. In 2017, her contributions to football were recognized with an MBE, and in 2021, she broke new ground as the first female presenter of Football Focus on BBC One.

Alex Scott Englan Canada Bet365 Stadium Marc Atkins/Getty Images

Advocate for equality and inclusivity

Scott's journey hasn't been without its controversies. Often secretive when it comes to her own love life, her decision to wear a OneLove armband in support of LGBTQ+ rights during a match stirred up a storm of criticism. Yet, she stands firm in her convictions, stating:

I got consumed by the hatred... All I was thinking about was segregation, a whole community feeling left out, pushed to the side, not cared about. I was thinking: I care.

In her memoir, How (Not) to Be Strong, Scott delves into the raw and often unspoken realities of her life. It’s a candid look at the emotional turbulence she experienced, both during her childhood and in her adult life. The book also sheds light on her family dynamics, revealing the impact of her public disclosures on her relationship with her mother.

Championing change

Despite previous scoldings from her bosses at the BBC, Scott is vocal about the needs and challenges in women's football. She emphasizes the importance of proper investment, medical support, and treatment facilities, especially in addressing the high incidence of ACL injuries among female players. Her advocacy extends beyond the pitch, as she calls for greater recognition and respect for women's sports.

Regarding her personal life, Scott has dated both men and women, including a long-term relationship with fellow footballer Kelly Smith. She believes in the fluidity of love and relationships, asserting:

I never want anyone to feel sad.

Alex Scott stands as a symbol of hope and determination. She remains a passionate advocate for social issues, using her platform to effect change. As she looks to the future, Scott is open to love in all its forms:

I'm at the stage where I am ready to accept love – in all its forms. I've been so wounded, I was scared to fall deeply in love. But that means I'm missing out.

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