Nella Rose: This is everything we know about the YouTuber’s family, from grief to homelessness

Nella Rose has talked a bit about her home life on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here but hasn’t gone into detail. Here’s everything we know.

Nella Rose family
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Nella Rose family

The YouTuber, Nella Rose has been somewhat of a controversial character in the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here camp. She has had multiple arguments with former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage over politics, which left fans stunned on social media.

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Nella Rose also had a falling out with French maître d Fred Serieix after he commented that he is old enough to be Nella’s dad. Nella took offense to Fred’s comment and when Fred asked her, she reminded him how one of their first conversations was about how she had lost both of her parents at a young age.

Since Nella has occasionally talked about her home life, you may be curious to hear all the details. It seems as though the YouTuber has not had an easy life, dealing with both grief and homelessness.

Nella Rose lost both of her parents

As mentioned above, Nella Rose revealed on I’m a Celeb that both of her parents are dead. According to The Sun, Nella lost her mum, Eseho Omolongo, in 2016, making her 19 years old at the time.

Nella told her fans that her mother had ‘passed away in her arms’ but she did not disclose what her mother had died of. She had previously mentioned that her mother had ‘been ill for a long time’.

Then, just four years after her mother’s passing, Nella Rose lost her father, Kamango Paul Hollela, in 2020. It is also unknown what the cause of death was for Nella's father.

After her father passed, Nella shared a loving tribute on her social media:

Rest in Peace Daddy, watching you suffer for the past month has been the hardest thing I've ever done in my life but at least you're not in pain anymore.
Gonna make you the proudest dad ever in the years to come because I know you're still by [my] side every step of the way.

Nella has previously opened up about the time after her mother’s death, revealing that things were really hard and that she would ‘never get over it’ but ‘learned to deal with it’.

It is the worst thing that happened in my life. I will never get over it.
I have learned to deal with it, but I do not see myself healing from it anytime sure.

Nella Rose was briefly homeless

In 2018, she revealed that she had planned to live with her mother until she was 25 but that was no longer an option:

I wanted to live with my mum until I was 25. I was forced to let go of that.
All my friends when they left Uni they got to go back to their parents and get cooked meals, save so much money… I had to basically be alone for the rest of my life until I get married.

As per The Sun, the YouTuber admitted that she ‘sofa-surfed’ for a while after her mother’s death, as she was evicted from her council flat where she lived with her brother.

How many siblings does Nella Rose have

As per The Sun, Nella Rose has one sibling, an older brother but his name and age are unknown. She has talked about her brother on her social media, saying that she, her mother and her brother were very close:

Me, my mum and my brother used to be the three musketeers.
Sometimes life is so unfair.

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