Dave Myers: Hairy Biker opens up about cancer struggle two years after getting diagnosed

Dave Myers is one half of the iconic chef duo.

Dave Myers Hairy Biker health
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Dave Myers Hairy Biker health

The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, are a long-loved favourite for Brits all over the UK. The pair took something we thought we knew about - the idea of telly chefs - and added a revolutionary twist. The duo drove around various locations on their motorbikes, sharing food and a laugh with the locals. What’s not to love?

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However, the foodies faced a blow a few years ago when Dave got a terrible diagnosis. He started receiving treatment in 2022 and took a brief break from work before he started filming their new series The Hairy Bikers Go West. The first episode of this new chapter aired on Tuesday 6 February and Dave’s revelations about his experience has fans all over the UK getting emotional in front of their TVs. Here’s everything you need to know.

How the Hairy Bikers formed

The pair have had massive success over the years with several TV shows and over 6 million copies of their books sold worldwide. Part of their appeal is that the men obviously get on very well, and that’s how the whole project began: through a chance encounter that saw the pair hit it off.

Dave worked in steelworks as a student to finance his studies in Fine Arts, and went on to work as a make-up artist at the BBC, specialising in prosthetics. Meanwhile, his pal-to-be Si worked as an Assistant Director and Locations Manager for film and TV - he even worked on the Harry Potter films.

The pair met on the set of a TV drama back in 1995 and have been cooking, eating and riding together ever since.

Dave’s emotional revelation

Fans were very excited to see the pair back together again, and they didn’t disappoint with this new project which sees them cruise the left coast of the UK from Scotland to Devon. Towards the end of the episode, Dave and Si stopped for a quiet spot of fishing and a chat.

They reflected on the past, and Dave told Si that cancer ‘kicks you in the teeth’:

You know, Si, my experience over the past 18 months has made me realise, certainly this time last year, that to do something like this, what I had previously regarded as normal, would be an unachievable dream.
You know, I longed for this. But what I worry about sometimes is that I didn't appreciate the normality I had. I do now.

Si agreed, ‘Because it's an instant check-in with your own mortality as well, isn't it, and all the things that you hold dear? It must be really difficult, really difficult’. During the episode Dave explained that he had lost his balance due to rounds of chemotherapy. Sitting proudly on his bike, he said to Si, ‘When I was told I was ill, I never thought I'd ride a motorcycle again. But we're doing it!’

Over a cuppa, Si asked how he got his balance back. Dave candidly replied:

Hard work and physiotherapy.
I've still got my foot in a splint to change gear but it works. It's joyous. I love the whole paraphernalia with the bike, the smell of the bike.
It's a dream come true, Kingy. I appreciate it so much.

Dave has never revealed what sort of cancer he was diagnosed with, saying that he considers it his business.

Viewers’ reactions

The frank way the pair spoke about this emotional time had viewers tearing up at home. Some took to social media to post about the comeback, with one writing:

I absolutely adore Si and Dave's genuine love for each other. Massive kudos to Dave for the fight back from his cancer. Both are awesome real men. Oh, and gorgeous bikes.

Dave is not the first iconic presenter talking about health problems at the moment; Jeremy Clarkson also recently spoke out about a hidden health scare.

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