Alopecia: Which celebrities have the condition?

Alopecia is hair loss that may or may not last. Like Jada PinkettSmith, other celebrities also suffer from it.

Alopecia: Which celebrities have the condition?
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Alopecia: Which celebrities have the condition?

This is the scandal that has been in the headlines on social media since the night of March 27. Will Smith, a few minutes before going on stage at the Oscars 2022 to collect his award for Best Actor for the film King Richard, physically attacked Chris Rock who had just made a joke about his wife Jada's alopecia.

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Alopecia, what is it?

According to WebMD, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. The amount of hair loss varies for everyone. Some only lose a few clumps, while others lose a lot. Sometimes the hair grows back but falls out again later, while for others, the hair grows back permanently.

Alopecia: Which celebrities have the condition? Lionel Hahn / Getty Images

Which stars have it?

While Jada Pinkett Smith has confessed in the past to being affected by alopecia, she is not the first star to do so.

The former Miss France and head of the Miss France committee, Sylvie Tellier, publicly said that she has managed to cope with the disease all these years through various techniques. She revealed to her followers that she was losing much less hair than before.

The reality TV star, Aurélie Dotremont, has also admitted to being a victim of alopecia.

Lady Gaga Rodin Eckenroth

Singer Lady Gaga could have ended up bald because of this disease. However, another reason has been revealed concerning the hair loss of the Poker Face singer: the many changes to her hair in terms of colours and styles. All of the chemicals used on her hair could have damaged her hair follicles.

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In the field of modelling, Anastasia Sidorova has also confided to her hundreds of thousands of followers that she lost her hair.

Still in the fashion world, former supermodel Naomi Campbell confided in 2017 to The Evening Standard to be a victim of alopecia. Like Lady Gaga, it is all of the changes to her hair due to her profession that made her lose her it. But since then, she reassured her fans that it has grown back.

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