Pregnant dog gives birth to puppies moments after being abandoned

Just hours after being thrown in the street, a pregnant dog gives birth to a litter of puppies.

The golden spaniel – Cassie, was most likely employed as a breeding dog by puppy growers for many years, but she was discarded since her broken physique was no longer profitable. Just hours after being placed in the street, she gave birth to a litter of puppies. The RSPCA noticed her afraid and alone on a street in Basildon, Essex. She was sent to their Essex South, Southend and District branch, where she gave birth to eight puppies, two of them unfortunately perished.

Separated family

According to EssexLive, Cassie is around eight years old dog and nearly blind in one eye. Her tummy was almost touching the floor when she came to Essex, due to being bred so many times. She is believed to have been used as a breeding dog by puppy farmers for many years, but her broken body couldn't maintain her pups, and she had to be separated from them.

Cassie's thicker skin was giving her pain, and she couldn't keep still long enough to feed her pups because she was biting and scratching herself. Vets couldn't do much to help mom without injuring her pups, and as her milk production slowed, her babies began to lose weight. Cassie has now been placed for adoption and her one-week-old pups are now being hand-reared. Kathy Butcher, the Basildon branch manager, remarked:

We sought advice from our vet and sadly the best option for the pups and also for Cassie was for her to be separated from them. The pups just wouldn't have survived if not; Cassie's teats were extremely enlarged with thickened skin and she wasn't producing enough milk for them.

Need of a loving home

According to Ms Butcher, Cassie had been treated as a breeding dog her entire life and it is evident that she has never been offered love or attention, or even the minimum care a dog deserves. She is not even house trained. Ms Butcher added:

Cassie was beside herself without the pups, losing them has not been easy for her, but it meant we could treat her and it was the only answer to help all of these beautiful dogs.

Despite their ordeal, the RSPCA believes Cassie and her pups have a bright future ahead of them.

Cassie is loved by us all and is so adorable and affectionate. We hope that there is someone out there in the local community who could adopt her and help her to recover from her ordeal; so that one day she can have the perfect family home that she really does deserve.

To adopt Cassie, apply here.

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