The Most WTF Hairstyles To Add Some Craziness To Your Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, hairstyles and makeup ideas are flourishing on the web. To get ready for the big day, we have spotted some really zany festive hairstyles ideas. Will you be tempted?

If you still don't know how to style your hair for the holidays, we may have found the unique look you've been searching for!

Garlands in the hair, Christmas baubles in a ponytail or "little gingerbread men" designs, some beauty stars have chosen wacky hairstyles to wear during the holidays.

But, it's nothing next to other influencers who gave absolutely everything to creations that were completely crazy: a Christmas reindeer in low bun, a snowman in a maxi bun perched high on the head or even a decorated Christmas tree from a dark green mane of hair. Some even coloured all of their hair and made a "sidecut" (one side of their head shaved) to reveal a branch of Christmas holly.

Take a look at the video above for tips and tricks on how to do your own hair in an original festive style!

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