Lizzo’s Inspiring, Body Positive Performance At The Grammy Awards

The American singer Lizzo kicked off the 62nd Grammy Awards ceremony and as well as being awarded for her very promising start in the music industry, she wowed Los Angeles with her very touching and emotional words. Find out more below.

The heavy burden fell to her. For the first time, Lizzo kicked off the Grammy Awards ceremony and because of the true showgirl that she is, the public went crazy for her performance. Her inspiring words left the crowd in awe and full of emotion.

An incredible performance

‘Tonight is for Kobe’ she told the crowd, filling everyone with emotion over the death of the basketball player that had occurred that same day following a helicopter crash. After a few seconds of silence, she launched straight into her performance of a medley of hits from her album ‘Cuz I Love You’.

The opening of this ceremony will undoubtedly go down in history. Full of energy, confidence and good vibes, the 31-year-old singer gave the crowd a show worthy of some of the biggest divas in the world. After an interlude that lasted a few minutes and in which dancers in florescent tutus performed some classic dances, Lizzo came back for round two.

She also received three awards

After changing into a tight-fitted jumpsuit with a glamorous and futuristic style, the singer who has long been looked down on and degraded for her weight broke all stereotypes and norms and sang the song ‘Truth Hurts’ in front of an audience committed to her cause.

As well as opening the 62nd Grammy Awards ceremony, Lizzo also received 3 awards including Best Urban Contemporary Album as well as Best Pop Solo Performance. She also made the most of her time on the mic by spreading a message of tolerance:

‘You guys create beautiful music, you guys create connectivity. Speaking to all in this room, we need to continue to reach out. […] If i hadn’t reached out, I wouldn’t have met my best friends Quinn and Lauren. I don’t know where I would be right now, [maybe] sleeping in my car.’

As a true icon for the body positivity movement, Lizzo is constantly working to break down stereotypes and break the norms, and she is doing a really good job!

For more information, check out the video above!

Lizzo opens up about struggles with body imagine Lizzo opens up about struggles with body imagine