Hayley Hasselhoff makes herstory by becoming first curve model to cover European Playboy

28-year-old curve model, Hayley Hasselhoff, makes history as first ever plus size model to appear on the cover of a European edition of Playboy magazine.

In an emotional post shared on Instagram, David Hasselhoff's daughter, 28-year-old blonde bombshell and curve model, Hayley Hasselhoff, expressed her gratitude to the German edition of Playboy magazine for putting her on the cover.

A triumph for women everywhere

A first for any curve model, Hasselhoff highlights the major milestone her accomplishment adds to the body positivity and inclusivity movements, and for female empowerment around the world. She says:

I am overcome with emotion around what this cover signifies for inclusivity and its greater purpose towards female empowerment. I wanted to use this platform to express that you have the power to love your body without hesitation because of societies’ standards of beauty.

And added:

With Ellen Von Unwerth's iconic female gaze and cinematic love for showcasing a woman to her truest self, we chose to celebrate my body by shooting in this artful way.

She also revealed her past struggles with how her body image and sense of self-worth negatively impacted her mental health:

If there is one thing I would tell my younger self it would be that you are worthy just as you are. Now, more than ever, we should be grounded in the exploration of self and feel encouraged to celebrate ourselves in ways that feel most authentic.

Who is Hayley Hasselhoff?

Daughter of iconic 90's heartthrob David Hasselhoff, Hayley started acting at the age of seven when she appeared in Baywatch, arguably the show that catapulted her father into international stardom. Since, she has starred in several TV shows including Huge and Pair of Kings.

Hasselhoff, has also been modelling since the age of 14 and is currently signed to Ford Models for which she did runway walk at the British American Size Fashion Week. Most recently, she was named the ambassador for Pulp Fashion Week in Paris.

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