Brett reveals he asked for ‘personal’ scene to be cut from Love Island

Love Island 2021 star Brett Staniland opened up about appearing on the show in a revealing chat this week.

Brett reveals he asked for ‘personal’ scene to be cut from Love Island
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As the very last bombshell to enter the Love Island 2021 villa, Brett Staniland had a short but memorable time on the show. He managed to turn Priya Gopaldas’ head away from Matthew McNabb but gave her ‘the ick’ by choosing brie as his favourite cheese. This week, he chatted about appearing on the show and its impact on his mental health with influencer pal Chelsea McGehee.

Brett was full of praise for Love Island’s support for Islanders’ mental health, revealing there was a room they could go to at any time to have a Zoom chat with a psychiatrist. He said:

I was going to speak to the psychiatrist and welfare team as regularly as I could. Even on good days and bad days just to like check in.


In the chat, Brett also admitted that he found being filmed all day challenging at times and was sometimes worried that he had overshared personal information about his life in a conversation with another Islander but that the show’s psychiatric team helped calm his anxieties.

Brett revealed:

There was one thing that I was conscious of that I shared, and I literally went to see the psychiatrist and went to see production and I was like ‘I’m really adamant on this not being shown, please’. And they did what they could, they were like ‘Yeah, we’ve got the conversation, it’s not going to be aired.’

Saying no to fast fashion

Brett also opened up about his decision not to partner with Boohoo or any other fast fashion brands, instead taking his own clothes to wear in the villa. He also said he received some negative comments from fellow Islanders about his clothes but by the end of his time on the show the boys were respectful of his style.