Why You Should Own A Cat

Cats can be wonderful pets but some people need a bit of persuasion. Here are some great reasons why you should get a pet. Also, take a look at our photos to see 12 adorable photos of people who didn't want a cat at first but now can't live without them.

Why You Should Own A Cat
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Why You Should Own A Cat

Why You Should Own A Cat

1. They are playful: They are extremely playful when they want to be. If you give them a good toy they will be occupied for hours. They will jump, paw, and toss themselves around.

2. The sounds they make: They purr and the sound is so soothing and cute. Children and adults love when they purr!

3. They like to cuddle (sometimes): They like to be cuddled when they are in the mood. Although this might not be that often but when they want your company they will come by you. They are very loyal and love when you cuddle them.

4. They are potty trained: They are litter box trained. You won't have to walk them outside especially when it's freezing cold.

5. They are independent animals: They are independent animals and you can leave them alone for hours and they will be content by themselves. They don't require a lot of time and attention unlike dogs.

6. They clean themselves: They are clean animals and are extremely easy to take care of and don't require a lot of grooming time.

7. They can be trained: Cats are very trainable and with extra training and effort they can be extremely obedient pets. But don't boss them around because they won't follow suit!

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