They Call Him Frankenkitten - But This Little Cat Is Just Adorable

Allow us to present one of the most unique - and absolutely adorable - cats we have ever seen! Meet Frankenkitten, the one-eyed, four-eared cat who loves to be cuddled and has plenty of love to give...

Georgina Anderson is a volunteer that dedicates her time to the Geelong Animal Welfare association in Australia. A small kitten that had just arrived in the association was waiting for an operation to remove its deformed right eye. Georgina took him in her arms and the kitten immediately started purring. It was then that she decided to adopt him.

After fostering more than 80 cats and kittens, he was her first ‘foster fail’. It took only one night for Georgina to decide that little Frankie was going to stay with her permanently - and she quickly adopted him for good.

With all his scars, she gave him the nickname Frankenkitten as a tribute to Doctor Frankenstein’s monster. But this little kitten really isn’t terrifying in the slightest, he just has a few things that make him different to other cats.

Little Frankie doesn’t have two ears, but four - a mutation that can sometimes occur in cats. However, this physical particularity certainly doesn’t stop him from having the ‘normal’ cat life of playing and getting cuddles.

It's very clear from his owner Georgina’s Instagram account that little Frankie is getting a lot of love from her, just like as if he was any other kitten! Check out the video above to see more of little Frankie for yourself!

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