She Forced Her Cat To Have Plastic Surgery Because He Was 'Too Ugly'

She Forced Her Cat To Have Plastic Surgery Because He Was 'Too Ugly'

In China, a young woman spent the equivalent of £1150 for her cat to undergo plastic surgery. Although this sounds scandalous, it is an increasingly common phenomenon.

In Nanjing in the east of China, a cat was forced to undergo plastic surgery. Her owner took her to the vet to have its appearance changed because she thought she was ‘too ugly’. This very shocking story was picked up by Chinese television and by media all across the world.

An operation on her eyes

The owner of a cat spent 10,000 yuan which is the equivalent of around £1150, so that her cat could have a blepharoplasty. This operation involves changing the shape of their eyes. The vet accepted this request and the animal had to have slits put in her eyes so she would be more attractive to her owner.

The footage broadcasted by a TV channel flew around the internet and really shocked internet users… In the footage, we can see that the poor animal can barely open her eyes, because her eyelids were so swollen after the operation.

A common practice in China

The veterinary clinic that operated on the cat didn’t find any problem with carrying out this type of surgery. The clinic even told the media that lots of pet owners put their pets under the knife to make them more attractive. Following this scandal, the clinic justified themselves by stating that they would never have proceeded with such an operation if there was any risk involved for the animal.

In China, performing plastic surgery on animals is actually quite common. But this story caused an uprising among the Chinese who, online, chastised the clinic, saying they were ‘crooked’ for having agreed to submit this cat to an operation like this.

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This isn’t the first time that a story like this has caused a scandal. In 2016, Chinese internet users were shocked when a bulldog died following an operation on its eyes that its owner had wanted.

Very popular in South Korea, China and Japan, plastic surgery has now become a trend for animals. Blepharoplasty, which is an operation carried out to make the eyes bigger, seems to be the most popular choice. 

Take a look at the video above to see the heartbreaking effects this surgery has had on the animal... 

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