What's #JanuHairy Really All About?

What's #JanuHairy Really All About?

January is known as the month for resolutions. The latest one? Not shaving all month, and this challenge is called ‘Januhairy.’

This month we saw the rise of ‘Dry January’ which consists of not drinking alcohol for a month. On the beauty side, a challenge also appeared, known as ‘Januhairy.’

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The concept? Inviting women not to shave their body hair during the whole month of January. This challenge was put in place by a 21-year-old British student named Laura Jackson. It has had much success since its inception as this challenge advocates self-acceptance.

Women are invited to post photos of their visible body hair on social networks. An Instagram account has even been created for the occasion! In a post by Laura, she says, ‘This is not a hate campaign against those who do not understand that having hair is normal, but rather a project to showcase and better understand each other.’

So, are you ready to follow the movement?

Check out the video above for more on #JanuHairy! 

• Rob Mitchell
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