What your moles reveal about your personality

In the Middle Ages, moles were still thought to be places where the devil enters the body. But did you know that they have various meanings?

Even in ancient times, moles were considered to be unique features. And in fact, they have very clear meanings depending on gender and location.

Moles on the face and their significance

If a mole is located on the upper half of a woman's face, it represents connectedness (forehead), sociability and naivety (eyes) and secrecy (ears).

On the lower half of the face, moles indicate a lavish streak (left of the nose) or foresight (right of the nose). A birthmark on the cheeks stands for superficiality and one on the mouth for gentleness, sensuality and lust.

In men, moles on the upper half of the face represent an emotional tendency (forehead), weakness (eyes) and happiness (ears). Moles in the lower half of the face in men indicate skill, pessimism, arrogance (cheeks) and cheerfulness (mouth).

Moles near the mouth represent sensuality. Yuko Suzuki / EyeEm@Getty Images

Moles on the lower body and their significance

The moles a woman has on her body are her little secrets, which of course have their meanings. Upper body: Strong character, need for affection (shoulders), fighting spirit (back), immaturity (arm).

Lower body: impatience, indecision (legs), modesty, simplicity (knees), mysteriousness, balance (buttocks) and passion (pubic area).

If men have moles on their upper body, they represent feminine sensitivity, absent-mindedness (shoulders), need for recognition (back), generosity (chest), impatience, impulsiveness (arms) and possessiveness (hands).

Lower body: Ability to listen well (legs), lack of self-confidence, lack of independence, benevolence (knees), fidelity, charm (thighs), inclination to polygamy (left pubic area) or in contrast, the desire for a stable relationship (right pubic area).

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This Is What Your Moles Reveal About Your Personality This Is What Your Moles Reveal About Your Personality