The shocking effect sugar can really have on your skin

We know that white sugar is not good for us, let alone for our skin. Allow us to explain why!

Many people have tried quitting sugar and have seen impressive changes in their bodies, especially on the skin. And for good reason, there is a phenomenon that is responsible for the transformations due to sugar.

This is called glycation: high blood sugar levels will make the skin's proteins stick together, which will then harden. The skin is therefore clogged and loses all its elasticity. The shape of the face is also impacted as the oval will relax and wrinkles will deepen. Indeed, sugar is responsible for skin ageing. Finally, when it comes to the complexion, the skin can quickly turn yellowish and dull.

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In other words, no more golden and bouncy skin!

How to limit the effects of sugar on the skin?

It should be noted that not all sugars are responsible for these devastating effects on the skin. These are mainly white sugars and saturated, refined sugars. It is, therefore, necessary to eliminate processed products as much as possible and to favour whole foods rich in fibre. Beware of false friends: some rather surprising foods contain sugar. Pay attention to the labels!

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The secret? Focus on vegetables and fruit! Only the most natural productspossible. If you must consume sugar (in moderation), choose healthy alternatives such as honey, coconut syrup or agave syrup.

Take a look at the video above for more on how sugar can really affect your skin!

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