Kate Middleton’s Miracle Anti-Ageing Cream

When they met a few years ago, Kate Middleton told Michelle Obama about her miracle anti-ageing cream that is the secret to her looking radiant every single day. Since then, the former First Lady has added this treatment to her beauty routine and is absolutely delighted.

Kate Middleton’s Miracle Anti-Ageing Cream
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Kate Middleton’s Miracle Anti-Ageing Cream

A fan of more natural-looking make-up and beauty, Kate Middleton is not a fan of wearing too much make-up. She doesn’t camouflage her complexion under thick layers of various products and as a result, Prince William’s wife still doesn’t have a single wrinkle! Despite approaching her forties, every media appearance shows her looking radiant and glowing and not even Michelle Obama could miss that.

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Now quite close, the two women first met when Barack Obama was President of the United States between 2009 to 2017. As well as the fact they both felt a similar dedication to charity and doing good in society, they also found other common interests, especially on the subject of beauty.

Kate Middleton’s beauty tip to Michelle Obama

During a public event that the two were both at, Kate Middleton is said to have revealed the secret to her flawless complexion. According to our colleagues from Purepeople magazine, Kate Middleton apparently suggested that Michelle Obama invest in ‘Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel’, an unscented facial treatment which is made from natural ingredients and has truly ‘incredible’ effects.

On the product’s website, the results are advertised and even compared to those of injections:

It is a soothing facial gel that will be absorbed into your skin quickly so that it could smooth your skin and make it more supple, as well as softer to the touch.

Since then, Michelle Obama has sworn by this miracle product which is now an integral part of her beauty routine, as her make-up artist Carl Ray revealed to Celebrities Style magazine in 2016.

Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel - £41.00 - Amazon
Kate Middleton’s make-up artist recommends this £6.95 beauty product Kate Middleton’s make-up artist recommends this £6.95 beauty product