Kate Middleton’s brother contacts police after quarrel with neighbours: ‘We became increasingly concerned’

Kate Middleton’s brother James Middleton opens up about his ‘toxic’ feud with his neighbour over his farming activities. Here’s what the entire conflict is all about.

Kate Middleton brother James Middleton neighbour feud David Alberton family farm berkshire
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Kate Middleton brother James Middleton neighbour feud David Alberton family farm berkshire

Neighbours often quarrel, sometimes over petty issues and sometimes over significant problems that disturb the entire neighbourhood. One such fight is going on between Kate Middleton’s brother - James Middleton and his neighbour David Alderton. The feud has been ongoing for years over the Middleton family farm in Berkshire.

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The fight has become worse ever since the birth of James Middleton’s son. James previously announced the pregnancy in July 2023.

What is the feud between James Middleton and his neighbour about?

According to reports, the neighbour - David Alderton - hung posters in the village of Stanford Dingley - a village near the Middleton’s family farm and few miles from Pippa Middleton's house. These posters allegedly attacked the Middleton family. David lives across the street from the Middleton’s family farm, just 130 yards away to be precise. It was earlier reported that the two neighbours were at loggerheads over a bitter planning dispute with both men wanting to renovate their homes.

However, David told MailOnline last year that the feud stems from noise and light pollution that James’ farm causes in the neighbourhood. David alleges that Kate Middleton’s brother uses ageing farmyard machinery and keeps a dumper truck running for hours on end, ‘pumping toxic exhaust fumes into the surrounding countryside.’

David had been living in the area for the last seven years but his ‘quiet living’ has been ruined ever since James Middleton arrived in the area. David explained:

His [James Middleton] property is like Steptoe's junkyard, there are three barns full of old farmyard machinery, no good to anyone and it's all going on 50ft from our front door.
This month we have further been subjected to the unwelcome toxic and noxious ingress of fumes within our home from the clearly unsuitable machinery he uses.

He added that complaints have been made to the local council about Kate’s - who is understood to be under ‘unmanageable pressure’ - brother but ‘nothing has been done.’

James Middleton opens up about the feud

37-year-old James has opened up about the ‘harassment’ he faces at the hands of his neighbour. He told The Independent that David has trespassed on his property multiple times including once when they were on a vacation last year. He used offensive slurs and thus James was forced to contact the police to create a record of David’s behaviour. James said:

Police were contacted shortly after our son was born as we became increasingly concerned by the activities surrounding a neighbour.

James added that David has a history of disputes with the neighbour and threatened him by saying ‘things are gonna get brutal.’ David even let a journalist use his drone and film over the Middleton property. Middleton added:

It is sad that someone who chooses to live in the countryside in a farming community cannot accept that from time to time there will be noise and smells from tractors and animals, especially if they live next to a farm.
We would be neglecting our duty of responsibility for the animals and countryside if we did what he asked us to do to our livestock.

Meanwhile, West Berkshire Council has found no reason to investigate any of David’s ‘disingenuous complaints.

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