The amazing benefits of putting ice on the face

Water is the solution to all your skin woes, well in this case—frozen water is the solution to all your skin woes!

Icing your face might sound a little crazy but, that’s all you need for your skin. You don’t need expensive spas treatments or products to rejuvenate your skin—ice is all you need. While it might sound like a summer ritual, icing your face is a year-round ritual that is used in Korean facial treatments.

Skin icing—as the name suggests it means applying ice on your skin to gain its cooling benefits. This act of applying ice to an area of the body for health purposes is all called—cold therapy. Problems such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, dull skin, dark circles, and puffiness are a common concern for us, considering our lifestyles, increased pollution and unavoidable sun exposure. Thankfully, ice is the all-in-one solution that comes to your rescue. There are several benefits of icing your face and each of them can help cure different skin problems. Let’s find them out!


Glowing skin

Applying ice on the face promotes better blood circulation, which further results in an increased flow of oxygen, nutrients and vitamin to the skin. These things combined work towards giving your face a healthy glow.

Heals and prevents acne

Icing helps in minimising the pores, and as a result, there’s less oil production on your skin. This helps in reducing acne, pimples, blackheads and blemishes. On the other hand, if you already have acne, apply ice on the area to reduce its redness, inflammation, growth, and size.

Reduces puffy eyes

Rubbing an ice cube upwards from your inner eye corner towards the brow bone in a circular motion aids in draining the excess fluid from the area and makes the eyes appear less tired and more awake.

Anti-ageing effect

Regularly icing the face has proven to be an effective method to prevent signs of ageing. It tightens skin pores but also ensures that anti-ageing products sink better in the skin.


Works as a primer

Since rubbing ice on the face is an excellent way to reduce pore appearance and tightening the skin, it works as an amazing natural primer for your make-up.

Soothes sunburns and inflammation

The cooling effect of the ice helps constricts the blood vessels and reduces the itching, rawness, rashes or inflammation on the skin.

While rubbing regular ice cubes works wonder on your skin, adding different ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, black coffee, rose water and more to your water solution would provide greater results for all of these woes. Happy icing!

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