How To Choose The Best Salon For A Massage

For a good-quality massage you need to go to a good massage salon. Ohmymag has 10 tips for choosing the best salon.

How To Choose The Best Salon For A Massage
How To Choose The Best Salon For A Massage

How To Choose The Best Salon For A Massage

1. Know what you want: Before choosing a massage salon, the first step is to know what type of massage you want. There are dozens of techniques that offer different benefits. You may want to go to a salon to relax, tone up, help you lose weight, fight pain, etc. Each salon does not necessarily offer all the same services.

2. Decide what type of massage you want: Once you have determined the purpose of the massage, you just have to define exactly the type of massage you want. You can choose between Shiatsu, Oriental, Californian, Thai, Ayurvedic, Swedish and Balinese massages, as well as foot or palm reflexology, Korean relaxation, etc.

3. Check availability: When are you available for your massage? Check the schedules of the salons that interest you. Some close early, others are not open on Mondays or Saturdays. These practical considerations are also crucial in choosing the right salon. Learn from your past experiences.

4. Check out the rates: Ask about the rates! Prices can vary hugely between salons. Expensive prices are not always justified. It's OK to start with a small budget. If you're lucky then some salons might have special rates during certain months.

5. Ask around: There's nothing like word-of-mouth. Ask your friends, colleagues or family if they've used any particular salons before and what their experiences were like. It's always interesting to gather real opinions before taking the plunge.

6. Get online: If no one you know has any advice, the best option is to check the comments on the Internet. Like hotels and restaurants, most massage salons will have online reviews. Don't forget to check popular sites like Tripadvisor or Facebook.

7. Visit in advance: You can absolutely go and check out salons in advance to gauge what the hygiene and general atmosphere is like.

8. Treat yourself: Find out if the salon has any additional amenities such as a sauna or a steam room. You could indulge yourself with a full-on spa afternoon.

9. Special requirements: How do you know if the salon is suitable for everyone? Visit the website or call them directly to check if the salon is suitable if you have any special requirements. If you are pregnant, it is essential to inquire beforehand. Not all salons have massages for pregnant women.

10. Have your first massage: The last tip is simply to take the plunge, by getting your first massage. This is the best test to know if you have chosen the right massage salon. If your massage ended up horrible then you'll know not to ever go back there again.

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