Here Are 8 Mistakes You Need To Stop Making With Your Mascara

Mascara is a love story that can often turn into a Greek tragedy. Because every day we make big mistakes that jeopardise our romance with it... Here are the 8 most common mistakes.

Mascara is often THE make-up product you can't do without. And yet, many of us have a stormy relationship with that little black tube. For a calmer relationship, here's a little overview of the mistakes we all make every day:

1. Using mascara that is more than six months old

Everything that comes into contact with your eyes must be carefully monitored and renewed regularly. So do not keep your mascara beyond 6 months.

2. Curling your lashes after applying your mascara

Beginner's mistake (but we forgive you). The eyelash curler must be used BEFORE applying the mascara and not afterwards. Otherwise, good luck with broken/stripped lashes!

3. Asking too much of your mascara

If you want longer, fuller lashes and long-lasting makeup, combine several mascaras and apply them one after the other. But be reasonable and don't apply too much!

4. Adding more as the day goes on

It's the end of your day at the office and you're off for a drink with your girlfriends. Your make-up has lost some of its beautiful shine and you're about to make a fatal mistake: putting mascara back on dry. Result: looking like you have applied too much.

5. Looking up when applying your mascara

And yet, this is an elementary reflex for all women when in the presence of a tube of mascara. By raising your eyes to the sky, you are sure to apply mascara onto your eyelids!

6. 'Pumping' with your brush

Big mistake! With this kind of movement, you let air into your tube and you dry out your mascara which will then be more difficult to apply. Instead, rotate the brush in the tube if your mascara is at the end of its life.

7. Forgetting the lower lashes

Even if they are shorter, do not neglect the lower lashes. Make-up can enlarge your eyes. But above all and as always, don't apply too much!

8. Forgetting the eye base

Indeed, this will prevent your mascara from running. You can also replace this eye base with a thin layer of eye shadow or concealer.

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