5 things you can do before bed so you can wake up with perfect hair
5 things you can do before bed so you can wake up with perfect hair
5 things you can do before bed so you can wake up with perfect hair
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5 things you can do before bed so you can wake up with perfect hair

Do you dream of having amazing hair as soon as you wake up? Try one of these 5 styles to give your locks a bit of flare.

Lots of women wash their hair on an evening so as to avoid the chore of having to do so in the morning. Although this trick is ideal for saving you some precious time in the morning, it can also help when it comes to styling.

Why should you do your hair before going to bed?

Although fussing around your hair before going to bed might sound implausible for some people, it can actually prove very handy. Why? Because instead of letting your hair get tangled up while you sleep at night, you could actually be creating an amazing style while you sleep and when you wake up, you will have amazing hair and be ready to go.

  • Sleep with braids

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it's that braiding your hair before you sleep yields great results. Defined and bouncy curls in the morning. A piece of advice? Braid your hair while it is still damp and your waves will hold up a lot better the next day. An added bonus of doing this is that your hair won't bother you while you sleep.

  • Sleep with a high bun

Once your hair is dry, tie it all up on top of your head with a loose scrunchy. The result the next morning will be long, beautiful curls. The scrunchy is an important part of this style because it removes the need for a normal hairband which would leave a mark in your hair and even cause hair breakages.

  • Sleep with two small buns

Do you want your hair to be curly but not all the way up to your scalp? Then try two low buns instead. To do this, nothing could be more simple. All you have to do is separate your hair into two sections and make two small, low buns at the base of your hairline. The result will be luscious, wavy locks the next morning.

  • Sleep with a scarf wrapped all the way around your ponytail

Do you dream of having straight hair without needing to blow dry or straighten it? Then try this trick (also known as kardoune) of tying a scarf or a bit of material around your hair. After a few hours in bed, your hair will have lost its frizz and will be straight.

  • Sleep with lots of little braids

Do you want big hair with lots of volume? Then try putting all your hair into little braids before going to sleep. This style is good for creating a frizzy look and will also give you lots and lots of volume. Guaranteed.

By Lindsay Wilson

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