25 Gorgeous Hair Accessories To Go For In 2020!

This year, it's been decided, you're going to want a change! Why not start by opting for hair accessories? Here is our selection of gorgeous head jewellery.

25 Gorgeous Hair Accessories To Go For In 2020!
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25 Gorgeous Hair Accessories To Go For In 2020!

You see them everywhere, and yet you don't know which ones to choose, and especially how to wear them? Hair accessories are making a comeback in 2020. And we're definitely big fans of this! From hair clips, headbands, XXL scrunchies to retro-style scarves, there's something for every taste and style.

Hair clips, the 2020's trump card?

If you haven't yet fallen for the hair clip trend, it shouldn't be long before you do. Since 2019, this hair accessory has made a big comeback. They come in gold, with turtle-shell style details, with messages written on them and adorned with rhinestones. We also fell for the ultra-trendy pearl models that offer a preppy and sophisticated look.

How about the headband?

The headband has also made a comeback on the catwalks this year. They are available in velvet, with rhinestones, decorated with coloured or white beads. They can be in satin, lace or cotton. In short, there is something for everyone. They give an elegant touch to your look, and we admit that we are rather fans of this accessory.

The XXL scrunchy, the new trendy accessory of the year?

After the hair clips and headbands, scrunchies are at the top of the list. But not just any scrunchies. These accessories are making a big comeback on heads; but rather than simple rubber bands, this year we're falling for the retro and XXL models, in velvet, satin or patterned.

We invite you to discover our selection of trendy hair accessories available in shops now.

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