Zodiac: 5 signs who have a hard time dealing with a heartbreak

Dealing with breakups is not easy and absolutely not something that everyone can take easily. Here are zodiac signs who have a hard time dealing with heartbreak.

You know all those songs about heartbreaks that go hit and top the music charts? Yeah, that’s because getting over a heartbreak is challenging for most people out there. However, some just have a more challenging time. Our zodiac signs have a lot to say about our personalities and that includes how we deal with heartbreaks. Here are the five zodiac signs that have a hard time dealing with heartbreak.


Letting go is hard for Aquarians because they take everything very seriously. Once they get attached to someone or something, it’s impossible for them to think of a life without them. Being a fixed sign, they tend to fixate a lot on the negative aspects.

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A tough nut to crack and a tough nut to heal. Taurus take their own time to fall in love and even more to get over a heartbreak. They devote a lot of time to developing their connection, so when it doesn't work out, they are in severe pain. They have a hard time dealing with changes so moving on from heartbreak is a nightmare for them.


Virgos are obsessive. And if that wasn’t enough, they struggle with post heartbreak anxiety and think of the worst things ever. They try to self-blame and become self-critical. As such, they take longer than expected to deal with a heartbreak.

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Turns out the sign that loves balance, lacks balance when it comes to heartbreaks. They feel lost without a purpose or partner in their life. As such a libra dealing with heartbreak is just a lost child, finding its direction back home.


Scorpios are emotional! They give their everything to the people and things that they love so if they experience heartbreak, it’s all waterworks. And when the waterworks end, it’s time for their mean streak. Be sure that they would take their revenge on whosoever broke their heart.

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