This is your biggest fear according to your star sign

Did you know that every star sign fears something different? Discover your fear according to your sign.


Failure. You meet all the challenges; of course, you also have to succeed!


Material loss. Your comfort and that of your family comes before anything else.


To be betrayed. You socialise a lot and sometimes you come across the wrong people.


Being rejected. You have great sensitivity, and you do everything to make yourself loved.


To be transparent. More than anything, you love being noticed, you do not want to be part of the furniture.


The loss of control. You need to master everything in the hope of approaching perfection.


Solitude. That's why you constantly seek harmony in your relationships.

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To be misunderstood You are intense and mysterious, few people can pin down you and understand you, which can be frustrating.


The loss of freedom. Exploring the world and its wonders is what makes you live.


Disappointment. Naturally dedicated to your loved ones, you do everything to satisfy them and make them proud of you.


The loss of your independence. You don't want someone to tell you what you have to do.


Suffering. On the surface, it does not take much to touch your heart and make you feel sorry for yourself.

Check out the video above to find out more about how your star sign affects your fears!

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