This Is What's Most Likely To Drive You To Murder - According To Your Star Sign

Sometimes, murderous thoughts cross our mind. It goes without saying that some people are so awful that they trigger our darkest thoughts, and we begin to imagine the many ways we could kill them. So, what could push us over the edge according to our star signs? Watch the video to find out.

Everyone has those days filled with rage, but our star signs determine the various reasons for this. The stars make us less tolerant of somethings compared to others.

Imagine someone who always wants to be the centre of attention. If someone else steals that spotlight, it will invoke the worst in them. Also, be careful of the hopeless romantics, their passion could cause them to do something unimaginable. Before resorting to murder, we are all prone to having outbursts of anger for one reason or another. Your circle of friends must be very small in this situation.

You may try to control your emotions, but to no avail. There is this thing which is triggering you…alas, the stars have made this so, and behind each star sign hides a weakness. You desire you find out which is yours in order to control it, but also to discover it in others, so as to avoid a fatal error.

Want to find out what may compel you to murder, according to your star sign? Watch the video above!

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