This is how you deal with stress, according to your star sign

What kind of stressed out person are you? Scared-stressed, tolerant-stressed or even chilled out-stressed? We'll tell you everything, according to your star sign!

Being stressed is just a normal part of life, it's not anything to worry about... usually. While stress is often perceived as a negative thing, good stress exists to motivate us and help us get things done. However, stress can quickly turn into a bad thing when we don't know how to perceive the telltale signs and let it overcome us.

Keep on reading to find out how you deal with stress, according to your star sign.


You are the most impulsive! Impatient, angry... When stress takes over, you're all caught up!


You are the most stubborn! When stressed, others face a trial. Only one solution: you let yourself breathe!


You are the most communicative! Under the effects of stress, you talk and have fun.


You are the nicest. You keep your emotions to yourself so you don't hurt anyone.


You are the proudest! You let your anger explode, but the storm leaves again as quickly as it arrived!


You are the most mature! You don't let stress take over—you control yourself!


You are the coolest! Balance and harmony are part of your personality—no stress!


You are the most spirited! You internalise a lot before succumbing to stress. With your legendary temper, it's better to take cover!


You are the most positive! You're not easily stressed, but watch out if your freedom is attacked—you can get violent!


You are the coldest. You never get upset, even if there's stress!


You are the most humanist! You take everything upon yourself to help others until the dam bursts!


You are the most whimsical! In a crisis situation, you become pessimistic and burst into tears...

And if you need help relieving stress, we've gathered some good tips! Sometimes, it's as easy as buying and caring for a houseplant, and other times, it's as intricate as implementing a good morning routine.

This is how you should manage your stress - according to your star sign This is how you should manage your stress - according to your star sign