This Is How You Deal With Stress - According To Your Star Sign

This Is How You Deal With Stress - According To Your Star Sign

Everyone is stressed because of work, transportation... and sometimes even at home. But what kind of stressed out person are you? Scared-stressed, tolerant-stressed or even chilled out-stressed? We'll tell you everything!

Aries: You are the most impulsive! Impatient, angry... When stress takes over, you're all caught up!

Taurus: You are the most stubborn! When stressed, others face a trial. Only one solution: you let yourself breathe!

Gemini: You are the most communicative! Under the effects of stress, you talk and have fun.

Cancer: You are the nicest. You keep your emotions to yourself so you don't hurt anyone.

Leo: You are the proudest! You let your anger explode, but the storm leaves again as quickly as it arrived!

Virgo: You are the most mature! You don't let stress take over - you control yourself!

Libra: You are the coolest! Balance and harmony are part of your personality - no stress!

Scorpio: You are the most spirited! You internalize a lot before succumbing to stress. With your legendary temper, it's better to take cover!

Sagittarius: You are the most positive! You're not easily stressed, but watch out if your freedom is attacked - you can get violent!

Capricorn: You are the coldest. You never get upset, even if there's stress!

Aquarius: You are the most humanist! You take everything upon yourself to help others until the dam bursts!

Pisces: You are the most whimsical! In a crisis situation, you become pessimistic and burst into tears...

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• Sophie West
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