This Is How Much Of A Hypocrite You Are - According To Your Star Sign

We are all hypocrites. In private, for keeping good relations, or in our professional life, for boosting our career - but just how much? We'll tell you everything!

1. Gemini: Be in no doubt, with their two-faced personality, this sign is the most hypocritical of all! They change their way of speaking easily and puts everyone under their spell...

2. Libra: Venus directs this sign, and they are afraid of displeasing people - so they set up all kinds of schemes, which can be hypocritical...

3. Sagittarius: They use their hypocrisy at work, to put everyone in their pocket... After all, who doesn't?

4. Virgo: They love to gossip but sooner or later, everything gets out...

5. Pisces: This sign wants to be loved at all costs... Watch out: this can turn against them!

6. Taurus: They like simple, healthy relationships. Hypocrisy is not one of their faults.

7. Aquarius: This sign is lighter and more superficial than hypocritical, so that's that!

8. Scorpio: They can't stand hypocrites, but when they see an opportunity to manipulate others to achieve their own ends, they don't hesitate!

9. Leo: This Lion has a goal: to shine in the eyes of others. To avoid losing their admiration, they'll use any means necessary!

10. Cancer: They aren't hypocritical because they don't want to hurt anyone.

11. Capricorn: They don't half-ass things - they're very honest but sometimes it's too much...

12. Aries: The frankest of signs, they won't beat around the bush and they'll never be hypocritical.

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