These zodiac pairs bring out the worst in each other

Some people are a perfect match together, while others tend to bring out the worst in each other when they are together.

Most people have been in at least one toxic relationship at some point in their lives. Many factors contribute to an unhealthy relationship, making a person less able to function in a relationship. However, a mismatch of zodiac personalities is one of the most common causes for a relationship to become toxic. Two individuals can sometimes bring out the worst in one other, and their inability to agree on anything creates the ideal setting for a bad relationship to thrive.


Libras are the most toxic match for Capricorns. The two can be good friends, but they lack spark when it comes to a relationship. The two often end up boring each other and having no sexual chemistry.


Taurus tend to be the worst match for Aquarians. They often make an Aquarius feel trapped and frustrated in the relationship. Whereas, Aquarius can be a little distant, which may drive a Taurus crazy.


Pisces hate being told what to do and Aries love to boss around. As such, the two bring out the worst in each other in every possible way. The two have a disastrous relationship since Pisces can keep a grudge forever.

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Aries and Taurus bring out the most toxic behaviour in each other. Aries cannot stand being in the backseat, while Taurus are too stubborn to have their views challenged. Moreover, Aries tends to ghost to end the relationship and Taurus’ demand a full-blown explanation for the end.


Taurus and Gemini are an odd zodiac couple in nearly every regard, especially when it comes to patience. While Taurus is famed for its ability to wait out practically any scenario, Gemini thrives on frequent change and excitement.


When fun-loving, non-committal Geminis get together with dependable, to-do-list-making Capricorns, only misfortune can happen. Because Geminis live on unpredictability and Capricorns loathe it, it is practically impossible to organise a date that will appeal to both signs.


Cancer despises being corrected and Aquarius delights in rectifying. Cancer seeks individuality, but Aquarius values community life and group activities. As such, the two may seem to never agree on anything to do together.


While Scorpios prefer to spend their days contemplating life, Leos need a mate who will devote all their attention to them. Leos believe they are entitled to and deserving of a lot of attention and praise, whereas Scorpios are hesitant to bestow compliments until they sincerely believe it.

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A Virgo-Pisces relationship is toxic because of a fundamental conflict: Virgo wants Pisces to come out of the clouds, and Pisces wants Virgo to join them in the sky. The two have very different ideas of what a relationship should be.


Critical Virgo has a way of getting into Libra's brain, while Libra's gossipy nature makes Virgo distrust them. They are both big-time talkers, but neither of them likes to pass the mic, so they will probably spend the entire meal talking over each other.


Pisces will take a grudge to their grave and a Sagittarius is as forgiving as it gets. The two zodiac signs will together have a relationship full of resentments and feeling unwanted.

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