These Are the Stereotypes for Each Astrological Sign!

Stereotypes can help to identify categories of people, or on the other hand, they can merely place them into a box... Sometimes, these preconceived ideas are oversimplified and in the end, only allow people to be misrepresented. Nevertheless, stereotypes can't be escaped, so if you want to find out if the one related to your sign is true, watch the video above!

Astrology is more complicated than it seems, so beware when things seem too easy! For example, when it comes to a sign known for its duality, this person will often be described as having a 'dual personality,' without this always being justified.

When it comes to the sign of the Zodiac considered to be the most impulsive, this stereotype is often actually closer to reality... So double-check how closely you correspond to your astrological sign's stereotype, to see if others see you the way you really are!

Stereotypes can often create the impression that you know everything there is to know about someone. Even if the stars allow us to understand each sign, the stereotypes that circulate sometimes need to be questioned. Otherwise, you end up knowing nothing about this person!

These stereotypes can then be easily mistaken for facts, and this may cause one to miss out on a beautiful relationship, whether it be friendship or love... Imagine being summed up in one word; this is very limiting, in addition to not being very flattering. That is why being informed about the prejudices people may have about you will help you to thwart them or use them to your advantage, depending on the situation.

So, do these stereotypes really correspond to reality? Find out by watching our video above!

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