These 5 Star Signs Would Do Anything For Love

Following your partner to the other side of the world, leaving everything behind for them, which signs would do anything for love?

You're probably well aware that certain star signs are more compatible than others, but did you know that there are five star signs who would go above and beyond for love? If you're dating one of these count yourself seriously lucky!

1. Aries:

For you, love is with a capital L. When it comes to love, you've lost count of all of the little things you do for your loved one. It is out of the question to not tend to your partner, you do everything for them.

2. Taurus:

You are very romantic. You are focused on sensuality and you think that you can have one and only one love. You then do everything possible not to lose it and risk ending up alone! You put your entire heart and soul into your relationship, even if it means putting your personal needs on the backburner.

3. Cancer:

You are mainly looking to start a family. For you, it's for better or for worse until death do you part! And this means that nothing can get in your way.

4. Libra:

You are very sentimental and a passionate person. You want to have a long and loving relationship. You'll do everything you can to keep the peace in your relationship, even if that sometimes means being a little too forgiving.

5. Pisces:

Tender and caring, you bring calm and harmony into your home. You won't stand for even the smallest thing going wrong in your relationship. You always try to be perfect and you'll do anything to keep your relationship steady.

Check out the video above for more on the different signs' approaches to love!

Top 5 astrological signs that would do anything for love Top 5 astrological signs that would do anything for love