These 5 Star Signs Are The Best Kissers Of The Zodiac

Are you a true master when it comes to kissing? Your star sign shows just how good you are, and can even provide some advice on how to get better…

1. Gemini:

You’re the best kisser out of all the star signs. You kiss in a unique and incredible way and you know how to match your partner’s energy. Tender or passionate, your exchanges convey real emotion.

2. Aries:

Your kisses are loving, passionate and lasting. You can kiss your partner for hours without stopping. Watch out though! Your partner could get bored of these long exchanges.

3. Virgo:

You’re the perfectionist of the Zodiac, your kisses always have to be controlled and perfect. Not thinking before you start is out of the question, you always know what to do. You always look for little ways to help you improve your kissing even more, which surprises your partner every time!

4. Capricorn:

Your kisses are full of love and you make others feel your strongest emotions. You don’t need to talk to express how you feel, when you kiss, your partner understands. You could even propose to your partner with a single kiss!

5. Taurus:

Although you’re quite discreet when you kiss your partner, your kisses are tender and you’re very proud of this fact. You always know when the right moment for a fiery exchange is. You’re an Earth sign so you don’t need to make a big fuss to make your desire and passion felt.

Check out the video above for more on the different signs' kissing styles...

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