These 5 Signs All Fall In Love Too Quickly

A stranger smiles at you, then the thunderbolt hits and you fall in love just like that. Some signs really deserve their place in the Guinness book of records for being able to give someone their heart in next to no time at all. At first glance, this can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be quite bad as well. So you don’t need to pick up the pieces of a broken heart every five minutes, check out our video above! Are you one of the 5 signs that falls in love too quickly?

Some star signs really are hopeless romantics. They can fall in love quicker than you can snap your fingers! A look, a smile, a kiss and they’re hooked!

That beautiful stranger that you walked past a while ago now holds quite an important place in your life. These passionate impulses are very romantic at first and they reveal and are great proof of the pure affection that you would have for your soul mate; but be careful.

In fact, speed and hastiness are linked and your romance could end just as quickly as it began.

To avoid becoming disillusioned and take care of your poor, little heart, check out the video above immediately to see if you’re on the list of star signs that have fragile hearts!

Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign? Astrology: How do you want to be loved based on your zodiac sign?