The most evil zodiac signs

We have good people and we have bad people and all of them have something in common. So, here are the zodiac signs who are mostly evil.

Every fairy tale needs an old-fashioned villain and while every chapter of our life is different, often the villains stay the same. Have you ever wondered why? Well, it could be because of their zodiac sign. From breaking bad news to you to making you realise your mistakes in the worst imaginable way possible, some people just have evil written all over their hearts. While they may be good for some people, most people get to see their evil side. YourTango talks about 4 such zodiac signs who are likely to be most evil.

Aries ALIEN: COVENANT (2017), 20th Century Fox


If they’re nice to you, you’re blessed. However, if you get on their bad side – it’s game over and for good. Aries are pretty intelligent and once they put their mind behind their mean streak, they will ensure that they ruin whosoever is in front of them. Their fiery personality makes them defensive of everything and there’s only a thin line between defence and offence for this zodiac sign.

Leo CINDERELLA (2015), Walt Disney Pictures


Leos have toxic traits and it’s no surprise. (Lion King, remember?) They love being the centre of attention and would do anything to steal the limelight – even if it means backstabbing, manipulating or making a full-proof evil plan to remove people from their path. They have no filters and little empathy when they get on their evil side.

Virgo BLACK SWAN (2010), Cross Creek Pictures


The perfectionists of the zodiac signs are the worst. They believe everyone around them is stupid and only they know what’s the best. Often, they are very straightforward which comes across as being rude and they wouldn’t think once before backstabbing or seeking revenge because, well, for them you had it coming. What’s worse is they take a grudge to the grave so you know, it's a rough ride for life.

Scorpio THE DARK KNIGHT (2008), Warner Bros. Pictures


Scorpio thrives from other people’s pain. When they get mean, there’s no going back – the more, the merrier. They are cunning beyond measures and once they set their mind on destroying someone, they won’t hesitate to go to any extent to take revenge. The scariest part is that their evil streak can materialise into emotional or physical pain.

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