This Baby Tiger And Lion Cub's Friendship Has Melted The Internet's Hearts

A Japanese zoo has decided to regularly post pictures of its two new babies on its Twitter account and the entire Internet has been captivated by these adorable balls of fur...

In the south of Japan, in the department of Oita, the African Safari animal park loves to take pictures of its two new little stars. The two adorable balls of fur are a baby tiger and a lion cub that have quickly become the best friends in the world!

Two mini felines that are just too cute

A few days after their birth, the two mini beasts quickly became inseparable and never left each other’s side. They even fraternised with other fluffballs that are even less intimidating than they are!

They look like real stuffed animals that are just too cute... and they simply love to pose! It’s hard to believe that these two will one day become formidable predators. In fact, these little cats will soon be separated to join their respective peers.

These photos posted a few weeks ago on the zoo's Twitter account have already been viewed and shared thousands of times on social networks, and the images have already captivated many hearts - and we understand them!

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