This newborn baby's snoring tragically turned out to be a serious heart condition

The parents of a newborn were left devastated after discovering the real cause of their baby's snoring noises while breathing.

newborn baby snoring heart defect
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newborn baby snoring heart defect

Symptoms for serious ailments can unfortunately, be missed very easily. This is because it is possible for diseases and health conditions to manifest in seemingly harmless ways.

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For example, a blocked ear turned out to be something terrifying in one patient's case, while in another, a woman was told she had haemorrhoids but her real disease was much worse. Earlier, in a tragic case, a child died after doctor misdiagnosed her symptoms for gastroenteritis.

Now, as reported by Mirror, the parents of a newborn baby were left devastated after discovering that their baby's snoring noises were actually the symptoms of something very serious.

The connection between snoring noises and the heart

Charlotte Lake, and her fiancé Nathanael Guide's baby Ava-Rose, was born in June. The new parents noticed that the baby was sleeping more than normal, and also not gaining weight.

Along with this, the baby was also making snoring noises when breathing.

Now, Charlotte describes these early warnings saying,

I had said when she was born that she sounded funny like she was bunged up with the cold. Doctors thought it was normal, and they told me she would be fine. As time went on, it seemed like she was getting worse.
The snoring was actually a symptom of a rare heart issue Jair Lázaro

Things however, only got worse! The concerned parents raised the alarm with their midwife, and little Ava was rushed to hospital.

Charlotte tells Mirror,

She was making snoring noises, even when she wasn't asleep and she still wasn't gaining weight. I told my midwife that her breathing was strange she checked, and her heartrate was really fast. Her breathing rates were double what was normal.

The baby had a serious heart condition

The baby was found to have dangerously high heart rate. Subsequent tests confirmed that baby Ava had a heart defect.

The reason for Ava's irregular breathing and high heart rate, was that she had a hole in her heart. This made it difficult for her heart to work normally, affecting her breathing.

The baby underwent an open heart surgery on October 6. Though putting the newborn baby through surgery is a traumatic memory for the family, luckily it was a success. Baby Ava is now on the path to full recovery. Her mother informs,

Apart from her medication and hospital appointments, she's back to being a normal, healthy baby

The parents are now dedicated to shedding light on this condition, and spreading awareness to others, about its early warning signs.

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