Baby Chanco: The Baby Born With The Hair We All Dream Of Having

Everybody's talking about baby Chanco. At just 7 months old, this Japanese baby has gone viral for her amazing hair.

Baby Chanco
© Instagram - BabyChanco
Baby Chanco

Once again, another baby that gives us hair envy.

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Chanco was only born 7 months ago and she already has more Instagram followers than you! With 400k followers on Instagram, this baby really is going viral! And the reason for this craze? Her amazing head of hair.

Nicknamed ‘Baby Chanco’, the Japanese baby is all the rage on social media at the moment. Her mum obviously manages her Instagram account where she shares adorable photos of her daughter’s incredible hairstyle.

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お熱ちんでした🤒 . #ちょっとお江戸へ行ってました🗼 #お熱はさがったけどゆっくり過ごそ🦁 #お家隅々まで徘徊からの #抱っこ紐いれたらすぐ😴 さて、なにから始めよう🧼 #baby#hair#babygirl#hairmax #11ヶ月#11months #爆毛#モンチさん#Monchhi♡

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Born in December 2017, Chanco has always had a full head of black hair that has grown and grown as the months go on. Her stunning locks and her podgy little face are the ultimate combination of cuteness.

Seeing a baby with long hair like this is quite rare but not at all abnormal. The incredible growth of her hair is actually to do with her hormones, meaning that Baby Chanco’s hair could stop growing, change colour or even change the way it feels at any time.

Where is she now?

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ごくごくごく😋 . #自分でできるもんシリーズ #嬉しそうだなぁ #また1つ成長🦁 #しかし髪長い笑 #爆毛赤ちゃん#babychanco #17ヶ月#17months#1year #モンチさん#Monchhi♡

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Now approaching her 2nd birthday, Chanco's head of hair is still as beautiful as ever! She's become a phenomenon in Japan, even gracing the cover of several magazines!

And she totally deserves it! In the video above, you can check out a selection of our favourite photos of a young Chanco. Scroll up and give it a look!

Image credits: Instagram @Babychanco

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