Penguins go on a hunger strike due to this crazy reason in Japan (VIDEO)

Penguin residents of this Japanese aquarium have refused to eat food and are vehemently on a hunger strike due to this surprising reason.

Our pets often get bored with the same food they get every day, and sometimes will even refuse to eat until we switch it up. It turns out that it’s a trait that many animals and even birds share. However, these penguinsstopped eating their food for completely opposite reason. They went on a hunger strike because their caretakers stopped giving them the same food as before. This is how they shared their displeasure in an adorable way.

Penguins didn’t like change in food quality

Located on Lake Ashi, southwest of Tokyo, Hakone-en Aquarium is the home of several otters and penguins. But as the maintenance costs of the establishment continued to increase, managers were forced to find solutions to save money.

The aquarium then decided to control the costs by swapping the penguins’ delicious diet of horse mackerel for a far less expensive mackerel. However, this whole ordeal did not go down well with the penguin community.

Penguins demand gourmet food

The penguins were not fooled and refused the mackerel offered by the aquarium employees. According to the website Geo, the otters did not like this change either and went on what equivalents to a hunger strike. Naturally, these images of penguins refusing food went viral, and the aquarium published a statement. During an interview with CNN, the director said:

We could raise the price of admission to the aquarium and solve this problem, but we want to do our best to keep our facility an affordable place to visit for our visitors.

To reduce the bill, other solutions are envisaged, such as a reduction in electricity consumption. In any case, the director promised:

We will never force an animal to eat what it does not want.

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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