Apparently Drinking Alcohol Can Have This Surprising Benefit, According To Study

Apparently Drinking Alcohol Can Have This Surprising Benefit, According To Study

Many of us might rate our language skills a bit better once we've had a few. But could it really be true? Apparently so and it also works with all languages! English and Dutch researchers published an article in the Journal of Psychopharmacology that shows drinking a beer or glass of wine can help lower one's inhibitions which makes it a lot easier to communicate in a foreign language. 

The study included 50 native German speakers who were studying at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Half of their classes were taught in Dutch and many of the students consumed alcohol in moderation.

The participants were observed having a two-minute conversation in Dutch by native Dutch speakers. Some of the participants were given water whilst the others were given an alcoholic beverage. At the time, the Dutch recorders did not know which participates were given the alcoholic drinks vs. water. 

As quoted from the Journal: 'The purpose of this study was to test the effect of intelligent alcohol consumption on self-reported verbal language performance evaluated by observers in participants who have recently learned this language.'

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What was the verdict? The people who were consuming alcohol were able to hold a conversation much easier than the others. The pronunication was a lot better than those who just drank water but the grammar and vocabulary usage was pretty similar between groups. 

Although this is good news, the more alcohol you consume the more impaired you'll be. So remember, it's important to only drink in moderation. 

Will Armstrong
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