Studies Show That You Can Burn Extra Calories By Just Relaxing

Not a fan of working out but still want to burn some extra calories? Believe it or not, taking a hot and steamy bath could push you towards the right direction for burning a little fat - and what better time to do it now that winter is upon us? Watch our video to learn more about it.

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Dr. Steve Faulkner, a researcher at Loughborough University developed a study with his team to detect passive heat with 14 participants. First, they went on a 1-hour bike ride then immersed themselves for 1-hour in a hot bath at 40 degrees. What was the result? The 1-hour bike ride burned more calories but the 1-hour bath burned as much as a 30-minute walk! Still unbelievable.

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Chronic stress can also increase the output of insulin, another hormone strongly associated with weight gain.  The pancreas produces insulin whenever there is a rapid rise in blood sugar.  One of the ways that insulin lowers blood glucose is by telling the body to aggressively store excess dietary carbohydrates as fat.  Insulin also signals the body not to release any stored fat.  Chronic stress and its attendant insulin output is especially problematic in a condition known as insulin resistance, in which blood-sugar levels remain elevated despite increased insulin output due to an unresponsiveness of target cells for this hormone.  Couple this with the typical high-carbohydrate snacks we consume when feeling anxious and unloved and we pave the way for quick and easy weight gain.  When it comes to weight loss, then, it is as important to relax and count our blessings as it is to count our calories.

Loughborough University also reviewed the blood sugar level and discovered it was similar for both tests. However, after eating, it was about 10% lower when the participants took a hot bath. Another benefit for taking a hot bath is that it can reduce inflammation and act as a great stress reliever! Next time, skip the shower and take a bath instead because it's good for your physical and mental well-being.

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