Bermuda Shorts Are Back: This Bermuda From Zara Is Perfect For Every Body Type

Zara has released a collection a bermuda that we think are all amazing! This faux-leather is going to be a big hit this winter and spring.

January sales may be over but let's have a look at a new piece that is sure to be timeless. Something we've noticed from the runways at the latest fashion week is that Bermudas is THE item you absolutely need to include in your wardrobe.

Bermudas, also known as mom shorts, (and we love our early 50's mom looks), are not hard to pull off, they fit every body type. They can be worn during the day for a classy working girl look, with a blazer jacket, low boots and a let's say... a white t-shirt. They can even in the evening for an astonishing party look! Wear a Bermuda with high heels and a sequin top to look absolutely fab!

Designers are bringing Bermudas back into their stores, Zara, Asos, Mango... expect to see the stores bring back these old fashion shorts in the next few months.

These Bermuda shorts from Zara, has the most modest cut, typically hovers just under the knee and comes with false welt back pockets. It's high-waisted and accentuates the body's curves perfectly, even if you have a shorter stature, these shorts will make you look longer.

The faux-leather is a must-have right now, the fabric is edgy and wheater you decide to pair this piece with, whether a white blouse or black t-shirt, you will rock the look. You can purchase these amazing rockin' shorts for only £29,99.

For more details regarding these Zara shorts, check out the video above. And hurry, because they're probably going to run out soon!

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