This baby whale swam right up to a diver and gave him a pleasant surprise

Have you ever wondered what happens when two cautious and respectful divers run into a curious baby whale? It's quite beautiful…

This enchanting footage is definitely a reminderthat respect should always be shown to the wildlife in our oceans…


This video was shot in the warm waters of our planet where large cetaceans (here a humpback whale and its young) come to regain their strength,feed andraise their calves. What can be seen in this footage? Merely a beautiful moment between a small calf and a couple of cautious and respectful divers who allowed the great cetacean to approach them.

In the summer, humpback whales spend their time in the south feeding. Then in the autumn, they begin their yearly migration to their traditional winter breeding and calving territory, in the warmer tropical waters in the Pacific. Then then return south in the spring. On average, they journey for over 3000 miles during this migration, which is one of the longest migrations for an animal on Earth.

Intelligent creatures

Known for their remarkable intelligence and great sensitivity, cetaceans can be very curious about humans and the number of interactions between large marine mammals and us humans can’t be counted.

But in this footage there seems to be a real connection, with this young calf who plays with these two divers for a few moments! Simply magical!

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