The Spectacular Moment a Circus Lion is Freed After Spending Years in a Cage (VIDEO)

After 13 years living in a circus cage, this lion tasted freedom for the first time in his life. The first touching moments were caught on video - have a tissue ready!

Caged no more! After spending 13 years in a circus, the lion in this video finally got a taste of liberty—a well-earned retirement for this large feline, named Will.

The lion visibly appreciated his first steps in nature. This touching scene was filmed in 2006 and immortalised by Ranchos do Gnomos, the Brazilian organization responsible for the act. Though Will died of old age in 2011, the lion still managed to enjoy fivebeautiful years of freedom.

Will the finally freed lion Youtube

The circus reinvents itself…without animals

Unfortunately, wild animals like Will are often victims ofcruelty and abuse in circuses. For the last several years, public outcry has increased against this mistreatment. Not everyone, however, is on the same page—most of Europe may have taken this position, but other countries, like China, are less willing to hop on board.

In France, the former tamer Joseph Bouglione decided to launch a previously unheard-of initiative: the eco-circus. The performance is ‘100% human, guaranteed’ and ecologically-minded. Electrically self-sufficient, committed to reducing its environmental footprint, circulating biodegradable flyers…the eco-circus arranges everything in such a way that the red-and-yellow Big Top is made a little greener. And, of course, no animals in any performance.

This reinvention is helping to transform the once-outdated circus into grade A, guilt-free entertainment for our own time.

Check out the video above to see the beautiful moment Will the lion tasted freedom for the very first time...

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