This shark burst into a diver's cage in search of food (VIDEO)

In a video captured in the waters of Guadalupe Island, off the coast of Mexico, a great white shark bumped into a diver's observation cage and entered it.

This shark burst into a diver's cave in search for food
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This shark burst into a diver's cave in search for food

In 2016, a video showed how a cage diving session unintentionally took a frightening turn. The footage shows a great white shark accidentally entering a tourist's protective cage off the coast of Mexico, in the waters of Guadalupe Island.

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A region where sharks roam

The incident occurred in the waters off Guadalupe Island. The region is known to be home to a large population of sharks. A natural wealth that tourist agencies consider a real opportunity, which they offer to their clients in the name of an authentic experience and some thrills.

Needless to say, this tourist who was locked up for a few moments with a huge shark in his cage had a lifetime of thrilling experiences. Fortunately, this kind of accident almost never happens. Usually, holidaymakers are normally submerged underwater, with good protection from cages.

The activity goes smoothly and the divers manage to observe the sharks in their natural environment at close quarters in complete safety. The predators are baited with pieces of fish. The great white shark, in the video above, was attracted by a nice slice of tuna.

A big scare

Unfortunately, this normal experience turned into drama after the predator collided with the nearby diver's observation cage. The scene, filmed from the surface, is shocking. The shark can be seen entering the enclosure, leaving a trail of blood behind. Panicked, one of the members in charge of the activity opens the trap door on top of the cage to allow the shark to escape.

In a few seconds, the predator managed to jump through the opening and regained its freedom. The diver emerged a few moments later. He, apparently an experienced diver, was able to keep his cool. The animal had no intention of attacking him. The author of the video explained in the description:

These sharks eat large pieces of tuna attached to a rope. When a great white shark eats something, it is temporarily blinded.

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