Beautiful Wedding Ring Ideas

Beautiful Wedding Ring Ideas
Beautiful Wedding Ring Ideas

Getting married but not sure which kind of rings to go for? Discover our selection and some tips to choose this beautiful symbol of your wedding.

Choosing Your Wedding Ring

1. The metal: Most of the time, there is yellow gold, white gold or platinum. In recent years, more and more women are choosing rose gold wedding bands, which stand out a bit from more traditional wedding rings. For men, black gold is also more and more popular, as is platinum. If you choose gold, opt for quality gold, minimum 18 carats. Silver can also be chosen but requires a little more maintenance.

2. What form of ring? Today, jewellers try to offer as many models as possible, but there are still three types of very traditional rings.

- The "round rush" ring: this is an entirely spherical ring particularly appreciated by jewellers and generally chosen by women.

- The "half-ring": on the outside face, the ring is spherical, but it is flat on the side where it touches the finger. This type of ring is chosen for its comfort.

- The "ribbon" ring: this is a flat ring, with geometric edges, generally chosen by men or by women looking for a more unisex ring.

3. Stones or not? As a rule, gemstones are more frequently used in engagement rings but the final choice obviously goes to the bride and groom. If you want a big diamond on your wedding ring, go for it. However, be aware that a wedding ring with a stone requires more maintenance and may not fit your entire wardrobe.

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